Everyone seems a little sad with our beautiful summer coming to an end. We do have six more weeks of our growing season for those tender crops and two months for the cool weather crops. That is why we are still planting spinach, radish, lettuces, and turnips. Here is our Earthway Seeder being used to plant radishes. 900 pounds of mixed vegetables were sent out this week.

Greenhouse Visitors

We had some visitors in the greenhouse this week. A parasitic wasp laid her eggs on a tomato hornworm. Very exciting to have this happen, those eggs will now hatch out and help us control those pesky and damaging worms. Another surprise was a Black Swallowtail Caterpillar feasting on some dill. Notice how it’s green spots mimic the buds of the seed head.

Bowdoin Volunteers

Other visitors were a team of incoming freshmen from Bowdoin college, who helped with gleaning and delivering to MCHPP in Brunswick. It is always great to introduce new people to our project. You never know what may happen with that introduction.

This week’s harvest

Okay, you are probably a bit tired of me bragging about our bountiful pepper crop this year. I couldn’t help myself from taking a photo of this 8 inch Carmen grown in our greenhouse, what a beauty!
Leeks are going to start to get harvested this week. Sara, who is a volunteer and board member, is scouting out one of the big ones.

Take a Self-Guided Tour

Education is one of our goals and we hope that the farm is a learning experience for all visitors. Cathy, a twice-a-week volunteer who is also a board member, is being helped by Karin to set up photos to ID vegetables. I think Cathy has created a real tool for anyone going on a self-guided tour of the farm.

Come to the Farmyard Jam!

This coming Saturday is our Farmyard Jam. The farm is looking spectacular with all kinds of vibrant plantings. Hopefully, the weather will be as beautiful as it was last Saturday. The broom corn against the clouds was a painting I wish I could duplicate. Come join us for live music, food, and fun. Theda