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Theda’s Farm Report – 4/3/21

John and his fix-it team started up this week. Several new volunteers came to the farm, were given a tour, and a potential to-do list for this season. Thanks, everyone, we really appreciate the extra help. Repairing the roll-up sides to the tunnels was a priority and became a reality. Volunteers are still ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 3/27/21

We were excited to harvest and send out our first donation this week. Fresh, sweet organic spinach was delivered to Woodside Senior Living in Lisbon. Judy, a volunteer with Growing to Give is our contact person and reports that one resident is especially fond of spinach, we were happy to deliver! An interesting sidenote to Friday's ... Click to read more.

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Farm Report – 3/20/2021

Happy Spring!  We have lots to celebrate at Growing to Give this week. Old friends returning to volunteer and new volunteers coming to help and join our community. We were so excited Saturday to welcome our first mother/son duo since covid caused so many restrictions last season. If you would like to bring along your ... Click to read more.

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Join the Fix It Team!

We’re looking for volunteers for our new Fix-it Team! We’re happy to announce that we’re improving our system for taking care of some of the “facilities” tasks that are critical to our growing and harvesting operations, including these four “tasks”: Seasonal installation and basic maintenance of farm structures (mostly hoop houses) Seasonal installation and basic ... Click to read more.

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Farm Report – 2/27/21

This week marks the beginning of our 2021 growing season. I knew it was coming with the days getting longer and the turkeys jockeying for position in my backyard, but it still seemed to have snuck up on me. Except for a couple of gray stretches, winter seems to have flown by with some much-needed ... Click to read more.

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 Farm report for January 2021

I walked around the farm yesterday to see how everything is holding up with these up and down temperatures and two really strong wind storms in the last month. The Rimmel greenhouse took a hit at both ends. The panels and doors were blown askew. John is already on top of securing them. That seemed ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 11/7/20

We continued to work on putting the farm to bed. Pulling and cleaning all the birdhouses, getting ready for next spring's inhabitants. Draining, labeling, and stacking all the irrigation hoses. The deer fence was taken down, labeled, and stored. Again, because of all of our volunteers, these big projects were all done quickly and efficiently. ... Click to read more.

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