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Theda’s Farm Report – 5/30/20

Multiple gleanings this week resulted in 300 pounds of lettuce being sent out to our local food system. Boxes and individual bags for distribution are accompanied by a Growing to Give identification list. We came up with a checklist that explains what produce is being delivered and a simple explanation of how to store and ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 5/23/20

This past week was spent organizing the seedling sale. We learned a lot and appreciated all the support with the sale and with the purchasing of plants. With careful record-keeping, I think we can do an even better job next year. I hope everyone is successful with their planting and enjoy the benefits of growing ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 5/16/20

Over 100 pounds of produce went out this week. Still harvesting lettuce, radishes, and our favorite sweet white turnips from the greenhouse. We hope to finish harvesting out of there this week. We need to turn it around to get in our early tomatoes and peppers. We have a tunnel full of lettuces about a ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 5/9/20

Our week ended on the cancellation of our Saturday volunteer team. This is the third weekend we had to cancel due to inclement weather. Snow in the forecast, high winds, and low temperatures caused us to lay down more protective row cover, inside and out, to try to protect our plantings. On a positive note, ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 5/2/20

Another 53 pounds of produce was gleaned and distributed this week. Colleen from Cumberland County Gleaners took 3 cases of lettuce and a case of radishes to Presente! Maine, a Portland food brigade. Thanks, Colleen for that last-minute pick-up.   Another week of uneven temperatures and mud. These conditions don't seem to deter our hardy ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 4/25/20

500 chard plants went into the ground Chard was this week's winner. Over 500 hundred Giant Fordhook, Ruby Red, and Rainbow Blend went into the ground. We found out last year that chard was a welcomed addition to our mixed boxes of vegetables, especially with seniors. Tom and Emily (no social distancing needed) helped us ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 4/18/20

Onions! We have almost 4,000 onions in the ground and another 2,000 will go in next week. We had a generous donation of onion plants from the Maine Extension Service. This caused us to rethink our garden plan and find room for another entire plot of onions. Now we have an excess of our own ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 4/11/20

We were able to plant 540 onions and an entire plot of Hakurei turnips before the snow came. This beautiful but annoying weather caused us to call off all our Saturday volunteers. We will be able to catch back up this week with better weather in the forecast and lots of help from Growing to ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 4/4/20

Peas and Bluebirds The Bluebirds have returned and our first planting of peas went into the ground. Two definite signs of spring even though we have a forecast of snowflakes later this coming week.  The ground temperature needs to be 40 or above to plant peas, ours was 42 degrees. They were soaked overnight, inoculated, ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 3/29/20

25 bags of spinach to Brunswick Housing We had our first gleaning of spinach this week. Over seven pounds (in 25 individual bags) went to Brunswick Housing. There will be more spinach to harvest this coming week and lettuces ready in early April. An abundance of perennial food-producing plants on the farm We are beginning ... Click to read more.

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