Growing to Give’s harvest this week

Our total poundage of food harvested this week was close to 600 pounds. This was with two days of gleaning, Monday being a holiday and a day off at the farm. We’re still harvesting over 12 varieties of vegetables and herbs. Wednesday gleaners going to 8 different locations.

The tomatoes are slowing down in their production but we still have some amazing clusters in the greenhouse. We’re still fighting off the hornworms and some creature outside who eats the low hanging fruit from the bottom up, leaving us a hollowed-out shell! Does anyone know who that might be?

What are we planting?

Our Thursday volunteers, with Rebecca’s help, planted two beds of romaine lettuce and a bed of radishes. I got in one final crop of turnips. 35 days for the turnips so that will be a close one with our frost date at the farm which is usually around October 15.
The cucumber tunnel was emptied out this week. Now for a top dressing of some compost and a cold-season crop of spinach for this fall and early spring. The fall planting of spinach will die back as the temperature drops and starts up again in late February. As the sun gets higher in the sky and the days begin to lengthen, the plants will start to grow again. The row covers and tunnel cover will add 20 degrees.
We will be adding spaghetti squash, SloBolt lettuce, and Chinese cabbage next week to our mix.

Successful Farmyard Jam

This week we hosted our 2nd annual Farm Yard Jam on Saturday. Hurricane Dorian gave us some trepidation about holding our outdoor event, but the weather cleared. the sun came out and I didn’t need my down coat! So many people came — lots of families, neighbors, and old and new friends of Growing to Give. Our community is growing. Thanks to everyone for their support. It was a lot of fun! The music was fantastic!