Our Partners

Growing to Give’s most obvious partner is Scatter Good Farm, where it operates. In addition to hosting Growing to Give, Scatter Good Farm is home to the Carton-Newlin family, periodic batches of organic chickens, and seven friendly Nigerian Dwarf goats. Scatter Good Farm also offers farm stays through Airbnb, and will soon offer rental space in its recently renovated barn.

In addition, Growing to Give collaborates with a number of other organizations to ensure that the vegetables it grows are harvested on time and transported promptly to food pantries and other access sites where they can reach local people struggling with food insecurity.

Our other primary partner, the Merrymeeting Gleaners, along with the Androscoggin Gleaners and the Cumberland County Food Security Council Gleaners, have helped us harvest and transport vegetables to the following (mostly smaller and often undersupplied) food pantries and other access sites since 2017:

Androscoggin County

Cumberland County

Lincoln County

Sagadahoc County