Support from Head Start Volunteers

Lots of volunteers this week including five women from different Head Start Programs. They are the cooks from these schools and are determined to serve nutritious meals to the little 3-5-year-olds in their care. They were sharing ideas on how to sneak vegetables into the kids’ meals! They helped us glean and then delivered to MCHPP in Brunswick. A good time had by all.

Bill with a winning turnip!

What’s being planted?

Some of our other regular volunteers kept us going on the succession planting of beets and lettuces. Spinach will be next, an entire plot outside and a tunnel planting as soon as the cucumbers retire. We will be trying two varieties in the tunnel and out in the field. We’ll see how they compare after winter snows melt and they start to grow again.

We had a turnip competition this week. Our gleaners, Bill and Carol came up with a couple of winners!

1,000 pounds harvested!

We are in pepper season. We have five varieties being harvested. Czech Black from Fedco is a nice mild hot pepper, which is great for chili. It changes color from green to black and then on to red.

Our total poundage for the week was more than 1,000 pounds! Waiting for our spaghetti squash to start adding on the pounds to those totals. A couple more weeks before we can start picking.

The Monarchs are everywhere. So exciting to see so many of them.