17 different types of veggies to 12 different locations

We are in high harvest season now. Seventeen different types of vegetables were harvested and sent out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a total 1,098 pounds to 12 different locations. That amounted to 30 large boxes of mixed, fresh organic produce. We were informed that Freeport Community Services could use a lot more fresh produce. We currently deliver there on Wednesdays and hope to add Monday to our delivery schedule.

Time for cool weather crops!

Now we switch to planting cool weather crops. As beds open up they will be planted with lettuces, spinach, radishes, and Hakurei turnips. The Hakurei is a smaller, sweet turnip that is delicious sauteed’ or roasted. They have a 38-day harvest date so that is another reason we choose them this time of year.

To vetch or not to vetch?

We grew vetch as a cover crop under the outside tomatoes this year. There were pros and cons. On the positive side, the plants look healthy, are disease-free, and the harvest is good. The vetch also smothered out any weeds. On the downside, we had to cut it all back today because it was a perfect hideout for snails and they weren’t getting irrigated due to the dense mass of vegetation.

Thank you all volunteers!

Last week I had friends from Indiana help out at the farm. This week my sister-in-law from Massachusetts came and volunteered for two days. She helped get in our last 150 broccoli and another 150 Chinese cabbage. Point is, if you come to visit Vacationland this time of year, I will put you to work! Thank you, Carmen!

I have to say once again; we could not do this without the tremendous support of our volunteers. Whether someone is a regular weekly volunteer or just dropping by to help, all these hours of labor allow us to succeed. Thanks, everyone! 🙂 Theda