Garlic harvest and new master gardener volunteers

Last week was the week of garlic. Our plot of garlic was harvested, cleaned, and put away to cure with the help of many new volunteers. A call went out for extra help and our good friend and supporter Lynne Holland put the word out to her Master Gardner network. We had seven new volunteers join us with along with a visiting friend from Indiana!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the farm and the work. We are hoping that some of them will be able to come back as regulars. As we ship the garlic out to recipients, we will hold on to the largest bulbs to use as our seed stock for our October planting. The variety we grow is called Music. The plot is now being prepared for a final broccoli and Chinese cabbage crop.

1000 pounds of veggies donated to neighbors in need

With our three weekly gleanings we are averaging 1,000 pounds a week. Hoping this increases as our root crops get added to the mix.

Thank you, Claire

We had a goodbye potluck lunch for Claire. She was the last woman standing in our incredible mix of interns and WWOOFERs this year. Thank you, Claire, and best wishes for a bright future. We will miss your smile and humor.

Thank you, everyone

Thanks to everyone who participated this week in so many different ways. Theda