Greens ready to go to a food access program!

Farm is in high season, adding onions and celery to our list of veggies. That brings us up to 13 vegetables with several varieties in the mix.

We have tried to always have some type of greens available with each delivery and so far have succeeded. This means succession planting of lettuces, to include summer varieties that are able to take the heat. Summer crisp and Slobolt are the two we have grown that don’t get bitter.

Started our garlic harvest. No signs of disease or insect damage. It gets cleaned, trimmed and stored to cure for a few weeks before we distribute it. Music is the variety we grow due to a taste test we did a few years back. We sort the bulbs and save the biggest for October planting.

Merrymeeting Gleaners’ sharing tables are making a difference

I would like to talk a little about the sharing tables that are set up by the Merrymeeting Gleaners. Growing to Give donates veggies for the sharing table in Harpswell at the town hall. It is set up for three hours then any leftover food is taken to MCHPP or utilized if there is not enough to be driven back to Brunswick. We sent three boxes this week. Another method of getting food into the hands of those in need.

Katy, one of our volunteers and part of the Merrymeeting Gleaners does the Topsham sharing table at the library. There was a recipient ready to help her set up the table this week and she explained to Katy how much the food is helping her family. These tables are totally anonymous. Anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable going to a pantry can utilize this food distribution system.

Goldfinch damage.

Did you know that Goldfinches enjoy beet greens?

Visitors ask me why we keep our beets and Swiss Chard covered all season with row cover. Well, one day as I was eating lunch at the picnic table admiring the goldfinches in our beet beds, I made a discovery. Those pretty little birds were not eating the insects I assumed were causing the holes in the greens. Those bright yellow birds were causing the damage! It seems Goldfinches love beet greens and Swiss Chard greens. Pretty but pesky!

🙂 Theda