Where’s Rebecca?

Last week I was in hot Ohio, glad to be home in warm and beautiful Maine.

Cucumbers are the new zucchini!

This summer’s catchphrase seems to be, “cucumbers are the new zucchini!” Last year we had a bumper crop of summer squash especially zucchini. I have a photo of our neighbor and gleaner Lisa in the zucchini patch. Instead of where’s Waldo, I call it “Where’s Lisa?” I took one of Rebecca in the cucumber tunnel this week, and I call it “Where’s Rebecca?” Funny they both have pink shirts on!

What’s happening in the fields

We are up to 10 different vegetables being distributed this week and more varieties in the next week or so.


Our garlic harvest will be in the next two weeks, I think. MOFGA says when the last 2-3 bottom leaves lose their green color it will be time to harvest. We will dry and save enough bulbs for our October planting and the rest will be in the produce boxes for distribution.


Our Thursday volunteers along with our farm team planted 200 Chinese cabbage and 180 more broccoli plants for fall harvest. Our crew has planting down to such a production line. Everyone knows what to do and gets it done so quickly. It is fun to be part of it! The Chinese cabbage is a new variety for us this year. We will see how it is received. Judy might have to do a little teaching again.

Best volunteers and interns in the world!


We had to say goodbye to Maren and Wren this week. Both extraordinary young women that worked so hard, always smiling. We will miss them, and wish them health and happiness in their future. How lucky are we to have had such great WWOOFERS and interns this year. It has made such a huge difference in what we have been able to accomplish. Maren’s grandmother stopped by to say hello with a couple of friends late one afternoon. The farm was strangely quiet, everyone had gone home for the day. As she gave them a tour she brought up volunteering with us. Her grandmother’s friend said, “oh they wouldn’t want us 70 year-olds, would they?” We got a laugh out of that one since a big portion of us are in or near that age group. 🙂 Our youngest volunteer is 4, and our oldest is whoever wants to help! (Interested in volunteering, please email Patty.)

Growing to Give was on TV!

Channel 8 news came to the farm this week. We all hope the segment that aired will have a positive impact on recruiting volunteers and donations to help our mission. I have gotten feedback that it was well-received. Thanks, Channel 8!


I think those are the highlights from this week,