The heat just won’t quit and with the lack of any rain we have to be diligent about getting enough water to all the locations in need. Everyone is hand watering, as well as John turning the irrigation on everyday after we all leave. Trying to get carrot and beet seeds to germinate and making sure all the onions are getting enough water are top priorities. This is when the onions are forming their bulb size and bigger is better in our world. Our first scallions were harvested this week. These were planted as a quick turnaround crop for a plot of zucchini which is going in as the scallions come out.


Almost 300 pounds of Chinese cabbage were harvested by the Merrymeeting Gleaners this week. That was 125 heads and puts us over the 500 pound mark for the week. Lots more cabbages and broccoli are nearly ready.
We learned an interesting lesson about the suppression of weeds and the black tarps this week. We had an entire plot covered in weeds after the tunnel got moved. A tarp was laid across the beds and with the intense heat we had no sign of any weeds in just two weeks. This turnaround usually takes a month.  We were able to plant squash in just a few hours since there was no bed cleanup! It’s the little things in life that excite us at the farm!



As usual, we have to give a shoutout to our volunteers. This week was especially brutal with the 90 degree temperatures. Everyone still came to help and I think I was the only one complaining. A lot of these volunteers come weekly and give us such a boost in labor and spirit.

Thanks everyone, Theda