The big news of the week is that we have tripled our donation of food over this time last year. Last year we were at 571 pounds at this time. This year we’ve almost tripled that at 1,439 pounds! That’s a lot of lettuce that was grown and gleaned along with the spinach, turnips, and radishes.

Friday, Colleen from the Cumberland County Gleaners, came and harvested with us.  In 45 mins we knocked out 180# of produce to be given to Presente in Portland, they are feeding 2,000 people. We filled the bed of her truck and the extended cab. Along with the smaller pantries and kitchens, we are grateful for the relationships with bigger organizations like Presente who can take all we can deliver. This allows us to clear out beds, prep, and plant a new crop, sometimes on the same day.

Here is Barbara, one of our Saturday volunteers, holding a sampling of Swiss chard that will begin to be gleaned this week. After I snapped the photo she noticed she was wearing her Common Ground Fair Swiss chard t-shirt! Our Swiss Chard is looking beautiful and we are eager to share it. Chard sauteed with garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper – yum. We grew Fordhook Giant and Rainbow this year.

More Zucchini, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, and an entire tunnel of cucumbers were planted this week. A few beds of green beans will be planted, then we are all caught up.

The carrots from our April planting are showing growth. The garlic is looking great and our donated onions are also beginning to fill out. The farm is showing off due to the efforts of so many.


Our expansion is in full swing. We may be able to plant in our new beds very soon. If you haven’t been to the farm lately you will hopefully be surprised by the changes and growth.
Thanks everyone, Theda