Our big news for the week was the comparison of poundage totals from 2019 and 2020. Last year at this point we had donated 700 pounds of fresh produce, and this year we have already donated 2,700 pounds! Part of the increase was the ability to get crops planted much earlier. The dramatic increase is probably not something we can sustain throughout the rest of the year but still something to be proud of!  Our poundage would have been even higher if that darn groundhog hadn’t been living under our row cover and helping itself to a daily buffet of broccoli. 🙁


Veggies that were new to the gleaners list this week were: beautiful snow peas, garlic scapes, carrots, and broccoli. That brings us up to nine different vegetables being harvested right now. Hoping to add turnips and beets to the list this coming week.


Another new piece of equipment we have acquired is a backpack sprayer. We use it to apply organic fertilizers. The volunteers will be happy with this one, no more lugging watering cans of fish emulsion around the farm.


It is raining as I write this report and we are all grateful. I am sure this much needed rain will have a huge impact on the seeds we are trying to germinate. Hopefully it will also bring the pond water level back up.
To all of you who did a rain dance this week, thank you. Theda