Multiple gleanings this week resulted in 300 pounds of lettuce being sent out to our local food system. Boxes and individual bags for distribution are accompanied by a Growing to Give identification list. We came up with a checklist that explains what produce is being delivered and a simple explanation of how to store and use it.


The tomatoes are going in!  Adelle used the tilther in the greenhouse to prep the bed and 70 Moskvich tomatoes went in. Outside, an entire plot, (200 feet) went in almost effortlessly. Some light weeding, the tilther, and 2 teams of 4 volunteers planted a mixture of tomato varieties. We were able to use a lot of our own saved seeds this year. A heirloom called Ox Heart produces large tasty summer tomatoes. This year Cherokee Purple is a heirloom we are trialing for possible seed saving for next year.


Another team of volunteers weeded and mulched our new rhubarb and cluster onion bed. It’s a beautiful sight!


Cathy and Rebecca pulled out a few unwanted intruders from the chard beds. The intensive planting shades out most of the unwanted seeds from germinating.

Our other success this week was getting the irrigation up and running. Thanks to lots of long hours put in by John, Adelle, and Joe we no longer have to lug hoses and sprinklers. Thank you guys!

This week we welcomed a couple of new volunteers to our incredible team. These people are making all this work we do possible. Thanks everyone. When I see the food leaving the farm, I feel like we are making a difference.