This past week was spent organizing the seedling sale. We learned a lot and appreciated all the support with the sale and with the purchasing of plants. With careful record-keeping, I think we can do an even better job next year. I hope everyone is successful with their planting and enjoy the benefits of growing some of your own food.


We had to say goodbye to Sadie and Robbie, two sisters from Freeport High School. They were doing their month of community service with us and they were so much fun to have around. We were greeted with big smiles every day and boundless energy. We wish them much success in their future endeavors.


We had volunteers planting the first of our summer squash on Saturday. Freshly prepped beds made it an easy task for Lisa and Kathy.


Tunnel 9 is full of lettuce and it’s ready to be gleaned. We have gleanings scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. It will go to recipients in Cumberland and Kennebec¬†counties. This space will be turned over and sweet potatoes will be planted next.


Coming up next to be gleaned will be our beautiful Swiss chard, kale, and collard green plot. The beauty of these greens is that they will be harvested through most of the summer.


Thanks again to all who participated in one way or another, in our fundraising seedling and perennial sale. Since a couple of our fundraising events have had to be canceled, this one was important. We appreciate the support and it was fun to get to see lots of our friends in a curbside pickup!