Over 100 pounds of produce went out this week. Still harvesting lettuce, radishes, and our favorite sweet white turnips from the greenhouse. We hope to finish harvesting out of there this week. We need to turn it around to get in our early tomatoes and peppers.

We have a tunnel full of lettuces about a week away from being gleaned and more in the fields. Part of our intensive method to try to keep the food flowing off the farm.

Benson Farms delivered our 75 yards of beautiful dark compost this week. It was good timing we had just finished up last year’s batch. This was sponsored by a generous donation from The Mark Baumer Sustainability Fund.

Our seedling sale is coming to a close this week. We have been coaxing and nurturing the plants for weeks and like a mother Robin, ready for them to be on their way!


Speaking of birds; the Bobolinks are back, adding to the chorus of birds that we get to enjoy daily. John has placed dozens of Tree Sparrow birdhouses in the fields and within a day they found them and began nesting. A big help in our war on black flies.

Another highlight from the week was Adele’s installation of row cover in the tunnel.

We have moved our ladies having lunch from the greenhouse to outside. I have been encouraging volunteers to bring lunch or a snack and join us. Sometimes we have food to share, and then there are times when what we have is just too good to share!

We had a few new volunteers this week. We get to meet such great, interesting people.

Thanks all, Theda