Our week ended on the cancellation of our Saturday volunteer team. This is the third weekend we had to cancel due to inclement weather. Snow in the forecast, high winds, and low temperatures caused us to lay down more protective row cover, inside and out, to try to protect our plantings. On a positive note, two of our regular Saturday volunteers came on Friday to help out and enjoy being at the farm.

Multiple locations are now receiving regular twice a week gleanings. Four varieties of lettuces, our fall spinach planting, radishes, and those delicious salad turnips are headed out to neighbors in need.

What are we planting? Over 500 hundred more lettuces went into the ground. It’s going to be a couple more weeks before any tender annuals can be planted out. Wind and cold are preventing us from moving forward on this next push.

Lots of time and energy went towards seedling transplanting. Here’s Diane enjoying the warmth of the greenhouse while concentrating on the task at hand.

Hoping for warmer temperatures this week. It would be nice to put our winter coats away! Theda