Weeds and watering were the top matters to attend to this week. With the irrigation up and running the weed seeds took full advantage of the perfect growing conditions. Our team of volunteers spent many hours in the carrot, beet, and onion beds. I think we are on top of it and will just need some weekly maintenance to keep ahead. Most of the other vegetables create their own shade canopy that eliminates this weeding challenge.

We welcomed Camryn this week to our team. She is a Bowdoin college student interning with us this summer. In this photo, she created a no-till planting of Tithonia in a cardboard template. The Tithonia, or Mexican Sunflower, is a great butterfly attractor. She covered the cardboard with aged goat straw to hold it down from being blown away. I am hoping we will not have to water this area and just allow these mulches to provide enough coverage to hold in the moisture.

The celery bed was planted by Carol, and Adelle planted our sweet potato slips. The slips were planted in black plastic to hopefully produce more tubers and fewer runners. Drip irrigation lays under the plastic. An experiment in progress!

Our last tunnel was moved into place on Saturday. Several teams of volunteers worked to prep the beds on the new location. Then another team helped move the three sections into place. Super easy with six people. This will become our cucumber tunnel.

We are in summer mode with three gleanings a week. Almost 300 pounds went out again. That’s a lot of lettuce!
A half an inch of rain fell on the farm on Saturday after all the volunteers had gone for the day. Perfect timing. 🙂

Thanks everyone for all the help. Theda