Onions! We have almost 4,000 onions in the ground and another 2,000 will go in next week. We had a generous donation of onion plants from the Maine Extension Service. This caused us to rethink our garden plan and find room for another entire plot of onions. Now we have an excess of our own onion and leek seedlings that will go to our upcoming plant sale.


Snow! Five inches of snow landed in our garden last week and spent a few days with us. I was concerned about all the seeds we have in the ground and of course all those onions. The snow did not harm any of our covered plantings. Today I spotted peas and Hakauri turnips emerging. Cool-weather crops passing the cold weather stress test.


Three hundred mixed cabbages were planted among the flakes of (here’s that word again) snow. We welcomed several new volunteers this week. Stephanie was one. She continued to smile while planting cabbage seedlings, trying to ignore the white stuff.



Spinach, our first heads of lettuce, and radishes will be gleaned on Thursday.


I want to thank all our volunteers for braving this cold, windy spring. It’s not easy to face some of these gray skies. We appreciate all your support and generosity. I also want to mention how much we miss our little people at the farm. We can’t wait until times are different and we can all be together again.


Thanks, Theda