We were able to plant 540 onions and an entire plot of Hakurei turnips before the snow came. This beautiful but annoying weather caused us to call off all our Saturday volunteers. We will be able to catch back up this week with better weather in the forecast and lots of help from Growing to Give supporters.

Judy and Paul planting onions.

Here at home, I lost power for two days and had to move seedlings around the house to follow the rays of sunshine, providing much entertainment for my cat! No power, no grow lights.

Now we need the rain to give us a break so we can get back to planting. Lots of beautiful Chinese cabbage and lettuce seedlings eager to get their roots in the soil. This week we are on to starting flower seeds, herbs, tomatoes, and peppers. As these starting trays are filled with new seeds, larger cool weather plants are hardened off and transitioned to the greenhouses.
I want to share a root vegetable Haiku written by a friend of mine this week:
                                          the cold earth of spring
                                          makes promises of
                                          tears, thin skin, and all