500 chard plants went into the ground

Chard was this week’s winner. Over 500 hundred Giant Fordhook, Ruby Red, and Rainbow Blend went into the ground. We found out last year that chard was a welcomed addition to our mixed boxes of vegetables, especially with seniors. Tom and Emily (no social distancing needed) helped us with adding compost, preparing the beds, planting, and covering with double row cover. Double row cover you ask? Yes, there is MORE SNOW in our Monday forecast. UGH.

Putting our cold-hardy plants to the test

This is definitely the year for a learning curve on what vegetables can handle the cold, wind, and snow. So far everybody is happy except for one batch of broccoli. Thinking broccoli could withstand these conditions I did not bother with double coverage. May have to replant.

49 pounds donated this week

Gleaners were with us on Thursday. Lettuce, radishes, and spinach were in this week’s boxes for a total of 49 pounds. We will harvest again on Tuesday which will put us over 100 pounds for April. This is a 30% increase over last year at this time. The greenhouse and tunnels are allowing us to achieve our goal of putting fresh food into the shoulder season of Spring.

Gratitude for Adelle

Adelle is such an asset to our team this year. Her ability to jump over beds in a single bound, sprint around the farm between tasks and smile while hauling wagon loads of sandbags uphill, are appreciated by Rebecca and I. This week one of our new-to-the-farm volunteers remarked how impressed she was with Adelle. Listening to her patiently explain the hows and whys of tasks to volunteers. Education is a big part of our mission. Thank you, Adelle.

Gift of elderberry slips

Another bright spot this week was the arrival of a carload of elderberry slips with a new (and I hope frequent) volunteer. Abby brings with her a wealth of knowledge of all things elderberry and Aronia. How exciting for us! She is taking over the care of our current bushes and is helping John decide the best places to plant the medicinal shrubs. Another step in the farm’s permaculture landscape.

Seedlings, seedlings, seedlings

This week’s upcoming weather will keep us busy under the shelter of the greenhouse, transplanting seedlings for the farm and for the plant sale. More information coming soon.

Thanks to all our support this week. Our community continues to grow and we get to meet so many interesting people. I have one of the best jobs ever! Theda