The growing season is coming to a close

The farm report is about to go into hibernation! We are over 15,200 pounds as of last week and that is without last year’s 4,000 pounds of zucchini. Many more greens were grown this year and are still being harvested. We are down to one gleaning per week now that spinach and chard are all we have left. One entire tunnel of spinach hasn’t been touched yet. With plant growth coming to a stand-still due to the amount of daylight, it will be interesting to see how many weeks we will keep harvesting. Hoping to track the weight just to get an idea of a plot of greens versus zucchini squash.

Seeking volunteer feedback

We sent out a questionnaire to volunteers this week asking for feedback on this past season. Please feel free to let us know if you have any insights on how we could be doing better. Write me at

Visit from Harpswell Academy

The Harpswell Academy kids were great as usual. Making a big impact on compost that needed to be spread. They let me know that gleaning was their favorite task so far. Hint hint.

Moving the greenhouse is on the list this week. Yes, our greenhouse is on rails and when the braces are disconnected it takes only two people to move it. This allows the soil to be exposed to Mother Nature and the soil becomes less depleted.

Row cover over straw mulch makes for happy farmers

The garlic got a couple of inches of straw mulch under the row cover. Garlic bulbs showed signs of sprouting so it was good to get them protected. We learned the hard way that the row cover has to go back on if you don’t want to go chasing straw all over the farm with the next batch of strong winds. Seems like we learn a lot this way. 🙂

Free seeds to nonprofits

High Mowing Seeds in Vermont gives away seeds to nonprofits. Just for the five-dollar mailing cost, you get 25 seed packets. We signed up for 75. The choices are theirs but for 15 dollars I think we might get to try some varieties that we wouldn’t otherwise.