Wow, our first Farm Report for the 2020 growing season! Thanks to all of you who have been inquiring about volunteer start-up times.

Seed starting sessions

We will have seed starting sessions here at my house, scheduled for 3/27 and again on 4/4. I seem to have plenty of help scheduled for those dates but if anyone is especially interested in being part of this project let me know (

Planting begins soon

Saturday, March 14, will be our first official workday at the farm. We will be planting lettuce seedlings. This is weather permitting of course. The issue is being able to get into the greenhouse. Last time I attempted to check things out in there, I had to navigate a path of ice. Hopefully, these warmer temperatures will take care of that very soon.

Exciting developments for the 2020 growing season

We have lots of interesting ideas for our upcoming season:
  • Expansion – The farm is about to expand by 30%.
  • Biochar comparisons – We will have new beds to try furthering our biochar comparisons.
  • New varieties of veggies – I hope to have room to try out some new varieties of vegetables that sound interesting, Malabar spinach being one of them. It grows on a trellis and does well in the summer heat. We are expanding our perennial vegetables to include a Korean celery and an everlasting onion. Don’t forget if you have rhubarb that needs to be split and divided we would love to have some.
  • New relationships with new Mainers – We met with a group of new Mainers from the Republic of Congo to see what we might grow for them.  Most of them had gardens or farms back home. They seemed eager to come and volunteer to get their hands back into the soil.
  • New approaches to no-till farming – We have some new approaches to no-till that we hope to implement this season. Different mulches and a new piece of equipment called a Tilther, which was invented by Eliot Coleman and highly recommended by J.M. Fortier. Johnny’s and YouTube are full of informative videos. It is operated by rechargeable drill batteries. It is lightweight and all of us will be able to use it.

Thank you to Johnny’s

Many of the seed companies we use were very generous this year in donating organic seeds. I want to especially thank Johnny’s for their 25% discount on anything in the catalog. This was a great financial help for Growing to Give.
Looking forward to seeing all of you again soon, Theda