Wednesday was that crazy windy weather day. Sheets of rain fell on our hardy crew. Two of the Merrymeeting Gleaners, Carol and Trish, came to help harvest and deliver over 350 pounds of produce. We packed their cars and Carrie’s car. Carrie was interested to see a destination of our food and volunteered to take a delivery to Freeport. Thanks everyone for braving the weather.


Rutabagas have begun to be harvested. They are a good choice for a fall crop, tolerating the cooler weather conditions.
We have also started pulling a perennial onion that looks like a giant leek. I am very interested in this “perennial clumping onion.” I harvested lots of seeds heads for next year’s crop. It’s kinda cool because all our other onions are long gone. Nice to have this as another fall crop. Here is Carrie’s dad Dennis with one of our many carts loaded with these lovely, very tall onions.
Another thank you to the Mark Baumer fund. We got our final delivery of compost this week from Benson’s. This should last us awhile!
Our greenhouse is transforming again. The tomatoes were pulled, and lettuces planted. We still have lots of colorful and large peppers growing in there. We are also using it to store vegetables that need to develop their sugars for flavor, like squash and sweet potatoes.

Friday was Ava and Ellies’s final day with us. It has been a year of incredible WOOFERS coming to the farm. These two young women brought joy and laughter with them everyday. Thanks to you both for all your hard work. We also had no idea they are such talented artists. They gave Rebecca and I gifts of our portraits painted on rocks! We treasure these portraits, done in the style of super realism. 🙂

Over 800 pounds were harvested and delivered this week. As the harvest begins to wind down we are protecting the beds with cover crops, organic matter and compost. I feel good about how much we have accomplished. I really don’t want to be laying sheets of frozen compost on the beds like we were doing last year. Hope the weather can stay mild for a few more weeks.

We will be planting next year’s garlic crop mid month. Come join in the fun if you can. As always, a big thank you. Theda