Still plugging away on protecting the beds for winter. Take a look at this beautiful cover crop. In this beautiful green blend of plants are daikon radishes. Here is Carrie showing off one of these delicious veggies. Roasting them seems to be everyone’s favorite way to eat them.
Another idea for bed protection in our newest area is using cardboard covered with a thick coating of leaves. Since all our uncovered leaf beds blew off in the last two wind storms, we have started using old row cover with sandbags to keep the leaves in place.
Our variety of vegetables is slowly decreasing. In spite of this, we were able to send a nice mix in the individual bags. These were headed to the three Head Start programs that we donate to weekly.
We made it to over 700 pounds this week. Carrots and more carrots the next couple of weeks. That’s okay with us, these cooler temperatures are making them super sweet!  Here is Michelle, from The Merrymeeting Gleaners, cleaning them after a morning harvest.
I think those are the highlights this week. We still have so many incredible volunteers helping us start to close the farm for winter. Rebecca and I are grateful we won’t be laying frozen sheets of compost on the beds in November! Thanks to all of you! Theda