Wow it was a busy week! Again over 700 hundred pounds of fresh organic produce was harvested by our gleaning partners. Rebecca and I calculated that we have about three more harvest days of food in the fields. We hope to have more that can be harvested from the tunnels towards the end of the month.
Carol harvested our “secret” giant chard plant. It was tucked in amongst the flower garden and seemingly loved that location! We are trying to harvest the rest of the tender vegetables before a hard cold front settles in and takes them.
The farm is still vibrant and green due to our array of cover crops. It is a beautiful site as you turn off Hacker Road and come down the lane. Thanks to all the volunteers who put in the time to help us get those all established this fall. What a difference it will make next Spring having all that additional organic matter in the soil.
We got the garlic plot planted this week. It was covered with straw, (1 bale per 50′ row), and then covered with row cover so the straw wouldn’t blow away. Yesterday’s rain settled it all in until next July’s harvest. We have garlic for sale if anyone still needs some. This is the time to plant!
Dustin Bonk from WGME news came to the farm to do a segment on Harvest for Hunger, Gleaning groups, and Growing to Give. Thanks to Justin for helping spread the word on what is being done to help fight food insecurity.
We held our first elderberry workshop in the greenhouse on Saturday. Abby Sewall is our resident expert and led the workshop. It was two hours full of information on the growing, propagation, and health benefits of elderberries.  We got to sample elderberry syrup and an elderberry shrub. These recipes were created by Abby and came from our first elderberry harvest here at the farm this summer. Everyone seemed pleased with this event and we will definitely be hosting more of these workshops next year. This another example of Growing to Give and Scatter Good Farm working towards building community. Even in COVID times we figured out how to come together in a safe manner, enjoy being together, and learning how to help our bodies be healthy. Thanks, Abby, for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for elderberries and life!
As we come closer to the end of our growing season, we are already looking towards 2021.  Our expansion is complete, and we are working on providing the soil what it needs to produce healthy organic vegetables for our neighbors in need.
As always, thanks to all the volunteers (who are now more like friends) giving their time and energy to come and help us with this mission.
Sincerely, Theda