This was our last real big gleaning of the year. We will now harvest just once a week to finish up the last of the greens and turnips. This week we sent out a smaller variety but the bags and boxes were still full of healthy fresh organic produce.
The Aronia bushes are turning red in their holding bed and the contrast of the cover crop of bright green caught my eye.
Elizabeth is holding up a bunch of Navet des Vertus Marteau, a French heirloom turnip. They have a harvest date of 35 days and are sweet, while still white. We chose them to finish off as the 3rd planting in one of our tunnels.
The Rimmel greenhouse has its’ final crop of lettuce for this season, a lovely late-season green.
I keep mentioning the cover crops and how beautiful they look coming down the driveway, so I stopped and took some photos. I wanted to share the view before it becomes all white!
We had a tremendous turnout of volunteers this week. We are mostly focusing on improvements for next year and closing up shop. It was a lot of drudgery work but no one complained, except me!
Thank you volunteers/friends. Theda