We made a big jump this week in our total poundage donated. Another 1,000 pounds bringing us up to 11,445 in year-to-date vegetables delivered. Fifteen different vegetables making up this total with Winter Squash starting to be in the mix. This is Robin’s Koginut, a staff favorite. Very sweet, perfect for pies.
We sent out 15 cases of beautiful assorted lettuces, as well as individual heads in our “bagged” produce. Most of the individual bags are going to the three Head Start programs and the Sharing Table that we supply. Wednesday is our largest gleaning with 9 recipients, Monday is 4 and Friday was 5.
Swiss chard has been a consistent producer this summer. The beds get picked fairly heavily on a weekly basis. Here is Ellie, showing off some giant chard that got overlooked because it was in the flower garden!
We were able to plant 350 lettuces that were donated from Lauren at Old McDonald’s Greens.  Johanna and Adam at Songbird Farm donated several flats of spinach that will go into a tunnel this week. Thanks to all of them for their generosity.
Rebecca was intent on digging up sweet potatoes this week.  B.J. helped for a couple of hours and here they are with some of their treasures!
As John continues to form the new beds in our expansion we continue to sow cover crops to protect them. He has been irrigating daily but it just doesn’t get down into the soil as it should. Hopefully this week’s rain will give every seed a much needed dose of moisture for germination.
One area that we are trying to germinate seeds is part of our ongoing clover walking paths. We would love to start using less plastic for weed suppression and have a mow-able path instead. Here is an example of that work in progress.
Saturday started out very foggy and cool, It ended being another bright beautiful Fall day 🙂  As usual we had tremendous support from all the gleaners and Growing to Give volunteers all week.
Thank you everyone, Theda