We had a break in the drought and a much needed shower brought a boost to all the plantings. A trench was dug and we now have available water from our new well. Just in time, since the farmhouse well ran low this week, and it’s only May.

More cover crops are being cut and tarped in preparation for squash, tomatoes and peppers. We have about 350 tomatoes already under row covers. Volunteers pulled back the covers to plant a mixture of basils and parsley. An additional row of carrots or beets will complete the mixture of companion plantings.

Carrie led a team, including our new WWOOFERS Sam and Raizel, in planting the new 75′ beneficial hedgerow. The largest shrubs and some of the grasses were planted, mulched with cardboard and straw and then the rain came! There is lots more to plant but the hardest part is completed.

An entire tunnel of peppers was completed this week. Started on Wednesday in the 93 degree heat wave and then finished on Saturday when it was barely 50!

Our friend and volunteer Judy Montgomery was part of that Wednesday team. Sweating, planting and cheerful as always. Judy told me she wouldn’t be able to volunteer on Wednesdays any more due to her gleaning commitment at 6 Rivers Farm. I was teasing her about leaving us and she asked if she could come on Saturdays. I told her of course and her response to me was “because I really want to be here”. Tragically for all of us, Judy, Paul, (her husband) and Sparrow, (their rescue dog), were killed later that afternoon. It’s not enough to say we will miss them, they touched so many lives with their endless enthusiasm to contribute to their community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their family.

Thank you everyone, for all that you do for Growing to Give. Being at the farm helps the healing process and being with all of you helps the most.