This week ended with our plant sale. It was great to have people back to the farm and we thank everyone for their support. I am sure Cathy will be glad to be able to stop fretting over whether the plants needed to be watered! We still will have elderberries and a few other extra vegetables on hand for sale or donation for a bit longer. Let us know if you are interested.
Still sending out lots of lettuce, spinach and rhubarb. Lovely French breakfast radishes were added to this week’s donations.
Nathan joined us this week. He is a WWOOFER who will be with us for the summer.  He arrived just in time to help with the plant sale and was a much better sales person than I was! It is great to have someone with us 5 days a week. Great to have you join our team, Nathan.
I have to show off a bit and share some photos of these beautiful mixed plantings. They are at their peak, soon we will be harvesting all those lettuces and the colors will become more monochromatic. It was fun to explain to our customers what we are doing with these mixed plantings and why.
This Basket of Gold is also peaking and is quickly becoming one of our favorite early blooming perennials.
We got a new tool this week and quickly put it to use. It’s an electric hedge trimmer and is used to cut our winter rye and other cover crops. It’s so efficient, lays the cut plant material right on top of the bed. We tarped the cut beds and will be able to plant in them this week. Tomatoes are going in this plot. Here are photos of Kathy and then Andrew trying out our new tool/toy. 🙂
With the plant sale behind us, and John having most of the irrigation up and running, this will be a big week to get plants in the ground and start more seedlings. More help is on the way, and with all our weekly volunteers it will happen.
That’s all the news for this week. As always, thanks everyone.
~ Theda