This was our first gleaning of rhubarb. Rebecca picked a wagon load and you can’t even tell she picked any! Lot’s more to share these next couple of weeks.

The Cumberland County gleaners came for the first time this year. Colleen and Lauren picked and washed 100 pounds of lettuce! It went to Presente in Portland. The gleaners have shared with us that we are their first gleans of the season. This has been a big goal for us; to get fresh food to those in need in these shoulder seasons of fewer fresh vegetables. Spinach, rhubarb, lettuce and this week we will add radishes to the boxes leaving the farm.

The Saturday volunteers cleaned out the spinach tunnel and we were able to start planting cucumbers as the next succession crop. Hakurei turnips and marigolds will be planted alongside the cukes and the soaker hoses. We had 16 volunteers on Saturday, as the cukes were being planted another group were planting more cabbage. These beds also got onions, alyssum, and lettuce. Two more volunteers spent the morning watering all our seedlings! These are for the farm and the plant sale, which is this week. It will be good to say goodbye to all these extra seedlings in our care!
There has been no rain and none in the forecast. John has been working endlessly on setting up irrigation. He has saved many of the early plantings that just need a good drink from Mother Nature. Thunderstorms all around us but nothing here at Scatter Good Farm. There have been some spectacular clouds. When there is a need people always step up to help. Patty (our director) came down to help me water on Sunday. Thank you Patty.
It was a great week with lots accomplished by the many volunteers who believe in Growing to Give’s mission.  Looks like a beautiful week ahead, enjoy!
– Theda