John installed an awesome awning for us to work under and escape from the heat. We utilized the space during our Friday gleaning and look forward to working in the shade, much better for veggies and humans!
Carrie finished the new beneficial hedgerow this week with help from our WWOOFERS and B.J.  Carrie was on a mission to finish it before she left for her wedding and honeymoon. We sent her off with a lettuce bridal bouquet! We miss her already, but so happy for her and Daniel. 🙂
The hedge trimming tool was tried out on a plot of vetch. Not as easy as cutting the winter rye, but doable. Nathanial had the trial run.
Rhubarb has been a nice addition to our weekly gleaning. Some of the recipients who have been getting it regularly are stocking their freezers. We have harvested over 200 pounds with lots more to pick. It’s last years’ goat straw that seems to have really caused the abundance. I will have to stop saying the goats are just at the farm for the charm factor!
The cucumber tunnel is all ready for the cukes to start their upward climb. Ollie, Tom and Ashley got it all strung up for us.
We finished the week by uncovering our first planting of tomatoes and adding a row of carrots alongside the interplanting of herbs and alyssum. We have about  430 tomatoes in the ground with lots more to be planted as the tarped cover crops die back. This weeks’ heat should expedite that process. Hope to have a bumper crop of tomatoes this year.
Thanks to all of you who came out to help this week. We couldn’t do it without you.