This week, a lot of time and energy went into setting up systems to keep all of us as safe as possible when working and volunteering at the farm.

We got a lot done on Saturday thanks to our volunteers 

This past Saturday was our first test and it seemed to go really well. There was tremendous support on Saturday and every volunteer slot was filled. Even with our new social distancing being put into practice, I think everyone enjoyed being outside and doing something physical in the brisk March wind.

Compost was spread, tarps were laid, more lettuce and radishes planted. The tarps serve two purposes: heating up the soil and killing off any germinating weed seeds. They stay in place for 30 days then get moved to a new location. It’s a lot of fun moving them in high winds!

Plan for this Week

This week we will start planting all the brassicas, lots of broccoli, and cabbages.

Thanks to Robin and Jeff

A special shoutout goes to Robin and her husband Jeff who assembled all five of our remaining carts. They worked as a team, no social distancing needed. That is a true test of a partnership!

Future Volunteering Opportunities

Next week we are opening up Wednesday and Saturday for volunteering. This is mostly based on the weekly weather forecast. As we move towards April more and more days will be added.