I walked around the farm yesterday to see how everything is holding up with these up and down temperatures and two really strong wind storms in the last month. The Rimmel greenhouse took a hit at both ends. The panels and doors were blown askew. John is already on top of securing them. That seemed to be the worst of it other than some tarps that we will secure again after all this rain washes away what little snow we had.


The winter rye is doing what it is supposed to do: cover and protect the soil. Amazing how green it is under a blanket of snow. Carrie, who is my farm assistant this coming season, and I are really interested in what is happening under our cardboard, leaf mulch, row cover, and transplanted worm experiment. Here is a photo of the beds with an interesting pattern of snow and shadow. Our new plots will give us an opportunity to experiment with a different cover and green manure crops this season. We will be able to see the benefits of different mixes and learn how to crimp and plant into them with our vegetable seedlings.
Speaking of seedlings; we are planning our second annual organic seedling and plant sale to benefit Growing to Give. Details will be shared as spring approaches. We learned a lot last year and hope to do an even better job with this year’s sale. If anyone has extra plastic 6-packs they would like to donate we would gladly take them. Dropping them off at the farm and into the little green garden shed would be much appreciated. The less plastic we have to purchase the better.


The mild temperatures so far this winter are easier for most of us to endure, but not so great for our plants.  We need a good solid blanket of snow to protect our perennials. It’s only January and the willows are starting to swell.
Carrie walked around in the sunshine and took some photos to remind you that it won’t be too long before we can be back enjoying our friendly goats and the beauty of the farm together.
Happy New Year! Take care and stay safe, Theda