Well, now it feels like Winter! On Monday, we had milder temperatures and three hardy volunteers joined Carrie, John, and me to honor Martin Luther King’s call to service. We tightened up the tunnels and installed a new door on tunnel 9. There was more to do but that was all our hands could tolerate. Thank you, Jeff, Cathy, and Riley.


While we worked on the tunnels, John was busy with our new seedling/CoolBot trailer. He is lining the walls with shelves for seedling trays and grow lights. When warmer weather arrives this will become our produce cooler. We will be able to harvest vegetables the day before an early morning pickup and provide some of the more tender vegetables. Up until now, we couldn’t pick greens for next day distribution. This will also help us harvest on Saturdays for Monday deliveries, which will help our Monday Gleaners. Lots of our Saturday volunteers really enjoy harvesting, so this will be a nice weekend task.
Now that we are into 2021, I want to express my gratitude to John. Many of you know that he has stepped down as Co-Director and is continuing his role as Facilities Coordinator. Hopefully, this will give him more time and less stress when he looks at our never-ending lists!  When John and I first started talking about me coming and working at the farm, 6 years ago, he had big plans. I said, “well we are going to start out small right?” “Oh no,” he said, “we don’t have time to start small.” This has always stuck with me. John (and Patty too), have had a vision. Sometimes it shifts, but the passion for doing good is always driving it. I am honored to be part of their vision and hope we can keep expanding it. Thank you, John.


I have had many inquiries concerning volunteer start dates. In March, we will probably start Saturdays. Then as April arrives there will be lots of seed starting and who knows what the weather will allow, so the schedule will open up. Cathy will post those dates for March sign-up at the end of February.


Exciting seedling sale info – Kathy is again donating many perennials from her Day’s Ferry home. She told me she potted up lots last fall for our sale and they are nestled in a holding bed. I love buying local perennials for my own garden, they always seem to be healthier and withstand our winters much better. Thanks, Kathy!


As always, thanks for all of your support.


Stay safe, Theda