We had another record week, sending another 1,000+ pounds into our community and adding Saturday as a 4th gleaning day. This week we will exceed 10,000 pounds total for the year and are far from being finished.
Our carrots are ready! Carrie is showing off a carrot that (greens included) is 1/2 of her height! We dedicated a full plot (600sq feet) to carrots, plus we interplanted them with our tomatoes. Everyone loves to harvest carrots, like a treasure coming out of the ground.
Bunching onions filled many of the boxes this week. I would describe it as an extra large scallion with a very mild flavor. Julia had to make two trips to MCHPP because we had so many to share. My chef friend shared a recipe for caramelized scallion sauce. It has only 3 ingredients, tastes great on almost anything and freezes well. I am eager to try it and these bunching onions would be perfect.
A few cool nights had us closing up the tunnels and thinking about harvest dates on our winter squashes. We should be okay but it seems strange to start thinking about protecting crops from cooler temperatures. The final crop of lettuce seedlings went in on Saturday and now it’s on to cover crops!
Here is another shameless invitation to visit our pick-a-bouquet flower garden. I was asked to bring a bouquet to a celebration and did so with pleasure. Some friends stopped by and picked one for a gift. Tons of vibrant colors and shapes make picking so easy and fun. Maybe there is someone you could surprise with a beautiful bouquet of Growing to Give flowers?
This is such an exciting time of year to see all the food being harvested and donated. Thanks to all of you who came this week and helped with this important work. We appreciate all of you.