Whew! That about sums up this week.  We had 4 gleanings that all together, harvested over 1,000 pounds. That put us over 10,000 pounds for the year so far. We have a farm full of vegetables and are actually still planting in hopes of some late season harvests.
Our Monday gleaners came on Tuesday this week due to Labor Day and some of the pantries being closed. I usually don’t get to work with these volunteers.  It was fun to catch up and I got to be a part of our first annual pesto testing. Eating pesto this early in the day did not seem to deter any of us. Kale pesto, pesto with pine nuts, pesto with walnuts and a very bright green commercial pesto were out for sampling. There was no clear winner. Jeff forgot to tell me about the contest, so I didn’t have to make any, just enjoy 🙂 Thanks Jeff.
It is seed saving time. Tagging tomatoes with labels saying “do not harvest” allows the Ox Heart and San Marzano to fully ripen and then be our seeds for next year. Both did so well this year, we want to continue to save our own seed. Almost 2,000 pounds of tomatoes have been harvested so far. When volunteers say “do you have a 15 minute job?” I hand over the dill heads to be processed. Here are Amy and some of our Saturday regulars helping out. We have been using our own dill seed in companion planting and cover crop mixes.
Caroline and Terry filled their cars to the max on Wednesday. Here they are happily posing to show off their bounty. Both are regular gleaners at G2G. We appreciate all their energy and hard work, especially now when there is so much to pick, wash, pack and deliver.
Our week ended with the Great Pick-a-Pumpkin harvest. We had lots of families with excited children, a little shy, not quite sure what we were up to. Patty greeted them with donuts and cider. There were pony cart rides, games, flower bouquets, Alpaca petting (my personal favorite) and then pumpkin picking. I led the kids to the pumpkin patch. They wandered around to see which one they wanted and then cut it off the vine. We weighed them and they wrote the weight on the board. I was a little bummed that we had so many small pumpkins, but it really worked out because we had lots of little kids! So many great smiles. Seeing how proud they were writing the weight of the pumpkin on the board was awesome!  A grand total of 115.48 pounds.
Throughout the day, when I had time and only a couple of children, we would walk up to the carrot beds and pull a carrot out of the ground, wash it and eat it. More smiles and “hey this is good!” What a great way to end our week.
Carrie and I are spending most of our days harvesting now.  All our young people have gone back to school as well as our teacher volunteers. Some volunteers are taking vacations with this great September weather. We have a core group of volunteers who help us out weekly, but we need more help! Any of you who haven’t volunteered for a while, come on over! Or you know someone who might like to try volunteering with us, please let us know. We would appreciate the extra hands.
As usual, thanks to everyone who supports us and G2G.