The harvest

Another week of incredibly beautiful weather at the farm this week. This warm weather is encouraging the cool-weather spinach, radishes, and Hakuri turnips we planted earlier this month. Really exciting! The second plantings of broccoli and Chinese cabbage are also being harvested. The peppers and tomatoes in the greenhouse and tunnels are still coming on strong. One of our King of the North peppers came in at 1/2 a pound! This week, 15 different varieties of vegetables were sent out giving us a total this week over 1,400 pounds.

Putting the plots to bed and preparing the soil for next year

With cool weather coming we are pulling plants that are no longer producing or have not enough time to produce. It’s important to get rid of all that plant residue to prevent disease and invite unwanted insects. Some plots have been totally harvested and are now covered with black plastic tarps to kill off weeds. These stay on about a month, removed and weather permitting placed on again after the new weed seeds sprout. This timing really makes the beds pristine for planting. The plastic does not stay on over the winter months. Hoping to get some cover crops going and some compost spread in preparation for next year.

Getting ready to plant the garlic

The garlic beds are being top-dressed with two inches of compost and John will use the BCS walk-behind tractor to incorporate in. The BCS only disturbs the top couple of inches so the worms and microorganisms are not compromised. We usually plant mid to late October and have several children’s groups coming to help.

As always a big shout out to all our volunteers. We were excited to have Corie join our team and next week Nate and Susan will be here to help. We are hoping to expand our growing space this fall and next spring. The need is there and with new volunteers joining us this will enable us to grow and provide more fresh organic food for our community. There are many different roles for volunteers. Planting, weeding, gleaning, and delivering are just a few. We have people of all ages and abilities doing the tasks that make Growing to Give a success. This week I include a couple of photos to show you a harvest day. Judy and Paul are off to the Brunswick sharing table, we packed their Prius and on the same morning we loaded up Carol in her Mini Cooper. Point is, you don’t need a truck to deliver food! 🙂

Thanks, Theda