The cold has returned but I think we were lucky enough to miss any widespread frost. Our lettuces took a hit, even under row covers. Our hardy greens, like collards, are in their full glory. Here is Carol, one of our regular Wednesday volunteers showing off an armload of just picked collards. This week another 700 plus pounds of produce left the farm. Closing in on 11,000 pounds.
Our flower garden is still blooming and full of a variety of bright colorful blooms. Here is an example arrangement to showcase what we have available for a Fall pick your own bouquet. Thanks to Brigitta and her artful eye for arranging.
On Saturday we started planting the Elderberry orchard. Seventeen plants went in with another 16 to go. Exciting, but keeping up with watering these transplants will be a daily chore.
GARLIC FOR SALE. We have sorted and bundled our Music garlic into two categories. The bigger select bulbs, (3 heads, 25-30 cloves) weighing 1/2 # are 10.00 dollars. A variety bundle weighing 1/2# is 7.00 dollars. Both can be planted or used for culinary purposes. You can stop by Monday through Saturday 8 AM-2 PM if you would like to purchase any garlic and support Growing to Give.
We had plans for a fall pumpkin picking weekend for children, due to COVID it was not possible. Thanks to our Androscoggin gleaners for delivering these beauties  to pantries that service lots of families with children.
Lots of people have been asking me when we close up for the season. It will be another six weeks or so, weather dependent of course. We are still harvesting, planting, and preparing the beds for next Spring’s crops. We are also still laughing, feeling grateful, and enjoying being outside with all of you. Volunteering at the farm seems to always make people leave light hearted and more joyful. We can all use more of that, right? There are still many weeks of sweatshirt weather ahead, come join us and watch the leaves change color. If interested go to our website and click on volunteering. Sincerely, Theda