We are now in transition here at the farm. Going from harvesting the end of our warm season crops to planting and harvesting cool weather crops. Our 2# plus Oxheart tomatoes are still producing, our fall lettuces are ready to eat, and the newest plot of Nappa cabbage is being harvested.
In addition, we still have 10 other vegetables on our harvest schedule. This week we took a peek at our sweet potato plot and this is what we found. Our two newest WWOOFERs, Aly and Ellie, are holding up examples of sweet potatoes weighing in at 1.5# or more!
We also harvested over 360# of spaghetti squash on Saturday. Why am I talking about how much everything is weighing? The biggest news of the week is we went over 10,000 pounds of donated food and we have lots more to come!

Here is an example of this weeks’ pick a bouquet. These flowers are still blooming strong and we will have them for a few more weeks. If you want a large dramatic bouquet, come pick some amaranth, broom corn, and sunflowers.
To raise funds for Growing to Give we will be selling some of our garlic. It can be used for planting or culinary use, the variety is Music. More details in next week’s report when we have it all organized.

This week we marked out our Elderberry and Aronia berry orchard. Looks like we will have room for 33 bushes. We were hoping for cool rainy weather to transplant our bushes, but that doesn’t look like it is going to happen anytime soon. We will just have to give them plenty of water every week.

We have such a strong group of regular volunteers coming to the farm, and a steady influx of new volunteers joining in the work. It is uplifting to meet so many people who want to contribute to helping others in our community. Thank you everyone. Theda