Lots of news to report. We have been able to harvest 1,000 pounds of organic produce each week. The delivery to local neighbors in need was through the Merrymeeting Gleaners, the Cumberland County Gleaning Initiative, the Androscoggin Gleaners, and our friend/teacher Abby, who prepares weekly food boxes for her students. We are actually harvesting 6 days a week now. This year the farm team is also harvesting to make sure all the vegetables are picked in their prime.

Speaking of the farm team, we lost two members due to a silly thing called college! Holly and Cameron, our summer interns, are headed back to their remote classes at Bowdoin. Holly on the west coast and Cameron here in Maine. These two incredibly bright young women brought us so much energy and joy. We will miss the picnic table lunch discussions with their perspectives on life. It’s young women like these two who give us hope for the future. Both are very talented artists and Holly designed our new Growing to Give T-shirt (on sale in the garden shed!). Good luck Holly and Cameron, stay in touch!
As crops are harvested and beds cleaned up, we are beginning to sow cover crops. Winter rye, buckwheat, and a soil building mix are the ones we are planting now. Still planning on other cool weather crops for a continuous harvest: Napa cabbage and assorted lettuces are going in the beds. The Napa we planted using a no-till method.We raked back the straw from the garlic bed, created a hole and in they went. The soil is a bit heavy with clay, so it was harder than it sounds. I was inspired by a visit to Frith Farm in Scarborough and owner Daniel May’s no-till methods. Hoping some of these cover crops and all that organic matter lightens up the soil structure a bit.
Our “Pick your own bouquet” for a donation had a great start this week. Thanks to everyone who came and picked and gave. A nice side benefit to the flower picking, is that it is bringing new people to the farm. People who know we are here, but had no reason to stop and check it out. And those who are totally new to Growing to Give. Everyone seems pleased to have made the trip.
June 30th we planted our first squash plants in the new expansion area. I wanted to show what a month will do ! We have harvested hundreds of pounds of summer squash from these new plots. Exciting! 🙂
Lastly, we had a new visitor. Very excited to see him. I moved him from Johns’s boots to some plants. He put up his fists but I was undeterred.
Thanks to all for your interest in our mission and your involvement in so many ways. Theda