Hot, hot, hot. Here is the heat we have all been asking for and it was too much for all of us. The plants seemed to love it but it took a toll on our stamina and we couldn’t work past noon on those really hot and humid days.

Donations to Androscoggin and Sagadahoc Counties. Cumberland County coming soon!

Hoping to add another gleaning day (Friday) later this month. This will add Cumberland County to our list of recipients. Chard, garlic scapes, parsley, lettuce, and broccoli were this week’s vegetables with seven destinations.

What’s happening in the fields

The broccoli harvest began with the Merrymeeting Gleaners on Wednesday. We should have broccoli for the next couple of weeks, a break, then another later harvest. We started seeds for a third, fall harvest this week.

Looks like cabbage will be ready in another week to ten days, the red cabbage is especially beautiful.

Our reseeding of turnips, carrots, and beets all germinated much to our relief. Still unsure what happened the first time around.

Rebecca and I started to plant 150 more zucchini on a hot and humid Friday morning. Just as we were about to faint, the rest of our team came to our rescue and the helped us finish the task.

Our cucumbers in tunnel four were amazing and then the beetles found them. The traps are not enough to keep them under control, we are hand picking and will try the reverse vacuum technique. The cucumber beetles are causing wilt and it looks like we are going to lose some plants. UGH!

A perennial herb bed began to take shape. Hoping to attract more pollinators. I personally have not seen many bees, yet.


We are excited to have three new WWOOFERS with us. Maren, Camille, and Danny. All of them have farm experience and knowledge, which they are sharing with us. Camille taught us how to prune and trellis the cucumbers.

Theda Lyden, Growing to Give’s Co-Founder and Farm Manager

As farm manager, Theda plans and oversees all growing and harvesting activities. A long-time resident of Greene, she is a Master Gardener and ceramic artist. Previously, Theda operated her own farmers market business, Dig it Farm, selling certified organic herbs, flowers, and perennials at the Portland Farmers Market. She also worked many years as the executive chef at the award-winning Harraseeket Inn in Freeport, Maine. As a chef, Theda was instrumental in building partnerships with local farmers and growers, with an emphasis on organic and all-natural local food. For fun and relaxation, Theda is an avid sea kayaker and alpine skier.