Last week was onions and this week it was garlic. With the help of several volunteers we harvested 400 pounds of Music garlic. Music came out on top in a taste test we did several years ago, so we have been growing it ever since. This year we will put aside some for our 2021 crop, some for our recipients, and some for sale. We will use this as another mini fundraiser for Growing to Give. I will let everyone know when it’s dried and ready. It can be used in your kitchen or planted in your garden next October.


Lots of people joined in with the cleaning and prepping. Special thanks to our two moms and their enthusiastic children. They helped harvest, clean, and then went back into the garden to pull some carrots and cut a couple of zucchini to take home. We are always glad to get to be part of helping kids see where their food comes from and hear their excitement when harvesting.


The tunnels are full of cucumbers and sweet potatoes. We are sending out our first sweet potatoes leaves this week. MCHPP will be receiving them and they will go on to our New Mainer neighbors.
735 was our number this week of pounds sent out. The cucumbers and summer squash are adding greatly to this amount and tomatoes and peppers will be in this weeks’ boxes.


Where on the farm is this smiley face located? If you locate it you will win a big fat red delicious tomato (or vegetable of your choice)! 🙂

It was a hot one this past week with more hot weather in the forecast. Good for lots of plants but hard on humans. Thanks everyone for showing up with your sunscreen and water bottles. We appreciate all of you and what you bring to our community.