Farm report week ending 6/29/19 –

Greens delivered to seven partner food pantries and two senior housing communities

The Gleaners delivered to our current seven locations this week.

Judy who delivers on Mondays to two senior housing centers is getting to know some of the recipients. She smiles as she tells me how excited they are to be receiving fresh greens. I asked her if she thought they would want garlic scapes. She said, “Yes! If they don’t know how to cook with them, I will teach them!” Judy comes twice a week to the farm. On Thursdays she weeds, plants, prunes, and does anything else we need. On Monday’s she gleans, delivers, and now gives cooking advice! We are lucky to have her as part of our team.

Progress in the fields

Peppers and outdoor tomatoes all staked and basket woven. Another check on our to-do list. The Allysum is doing its job in the greenhouse; attracting theĀ Hoverflies. There will be no Aphids around with all thoseĀ Hoverflies.

Squash Planting Party success!

This weeks’ big accomplishment was getting 400 squash plants and seeds in the ground. There were 16 of us and we got it done in two hours. Five in our group were Master Gardeners, sharing their knowledge with everyone as they planted. John got the irrigation up and running in case it stops raining! This is a new area for us this year, so we used the bags and bags of leaves we had on hand to mulch around the plants, hoping to deter some of the weeds.

What’s next?

This coming week the beginning of some herbs, garlic scapes, and possibly broccoli will be added to the boxes of chard and lettuces.

We are looking forward to harvesting the first of the broccoli maybe later this week. Onions and leeks are loving all the rain, looking rather spectacular, giving us bragging rights to anyone who stops by.

Three new WOOFERS arrive this week. All these new and regular volunteers are making the farm look especially beautiful this year.

Come experience the farm!

Please stop by and enjoy the activity on the farm if you have a chance. We have a Bob-a-Link nesting near plot nine. A striking black and yellow male keeps us aware of his territory. The baby barn swallows are learning how to fly, every day expanding their flight pattern. The Great Blue Heron has taken up residence, flying over us on the way to the pond.