We are still planting seedlings. This week it was Napa cabbage, tomatoes (I think we are up to 1,200 plants in the ground), lots of winter squash, zucchini and direct seeded green beans. The afternoon showers gave us an inch of rain but you wouldn’t know it by the following day. So, lots of extra hand watering is needed to make sure the seedlings get a good start. Most of this ends up being done by the interns and WOOFERS. They have become quite the team. It’s so great to give them a daily chore list and at the end of the day all the boxes are checked.  I am very grateful for their positive attitude and endless energy. They are essential to our success this year. Paul has decided it is also an opportunity to get in a little extra workout!
I ordered BioOrganics Endomycorrhizal Inoculant from Fedco in March. It was backordered but it finally delivered this week. I was intrigued when I read about the benefits, so we are trying it out with all our newest plantings. Looking forward to great results!
Scatter Good Farm bought a new electric lawn tractor and is letting GTG use it. Keeping the grass short really helps with controlling the tick population. It also cuts our mowing time down considerably. Nathaniel was the first to try it out. Thank you John and Patty for sharing.
Saturday afternoon was an opportunity to catch up on record keeping. Knowing crop harvest dates enables us to plan for the next crop’s seed starting timeline. Paul was a big help in catching up and documenting all this info. We discovered it’s time to start planting more lettuce! We will be trying out a new heat tolerant type from Johnny’s called Brentwood. Johnny’s Selected Seeds gave GTG a gift of 100 dollars to use to purchase seeds. I just spent it!  Johnny’s is very supportive of our project every year. They are an amazing Maine company!
What really struck me this week was being able to see people’s smiles again. I am fortunate to work at a place where people usually arrive smiling and it is so great to see those happy faces!
As always, a big thank you to everyone who volunteers or supports GTG in so many different ways.