Some new vegetables went into our donation boxes this week: purple top turnips and zucchini. Hopefully there will be lots and lots of zucchini. I say hopefully, because last year’s crop got hit with the squash vine borer and cut short our harvest. We grew more of the Costata Romanesco variety, to combat the borer, and  we love the taste of it. Here is a portrait of a full basket of one of our favorite vegetables just harvested by Grace and Tucker.
We had a group of 9 volunteers from Santec this week.  They helped us put in our last 200 tomato seedlings, which brings us up to a grand total of 1,280 planted. We are always told that we can’t donate too many tomatoes. So, we hope to provide as many as possible to our recipients this season.
Carrie led a group of volunteers from Apogee on Thursday. They enthusiastically blew through our to-do list and moved on to help us with weeding (weeding is never off our list). A few also learned how to basket weave tomatoes. They will be back to volunteer later this summer. Thank you, Apogee team!
Our companion planting of alyssum and onions needed an adjustment. The alyssum is shading out the onions so the Saturday volunteers gave plot 1 a “haircut”.  Here is an after shot. The alyssum will come back and I am hoping the onions can get ahead of it. Lesson learned; fewer alyssum plants next year.
Tucker was all set to be on the set of GhostBusters with his backpack sprayer. He was headed to give our flower garden a bloom booster fertilizer spray. Our flowers are starting to produce more buds and the dahlias are way ahead this year. These will all be part of our “Pick a Bouquet and Donate Today” fundraiser for G2G. We will keep you posted on availability.
We had to say goodbye to Raizel this week. She was one of our most amazing WOOFers ever. We thank her for all she did while she was here working with us and look forward to hearing about her adventures and accomplishments in the future.
I am headed to Wisconsin this coming week. Carrie and crew are in charge and Carrie will write next week’s farm report. I am excited to see what they will accomplish. 🙂
As always, thanks to all of you who believe in our mission and support us in various ways.