Visit from local school children

Slow and steady clean up in progress. We had a group of fifth-graders and their teacher, Abby, with us on Wednesday. Fortunately, we had greenhouse clean-up projects for them since it was pouring rain that morning. They enthusiastically harvested and pulled out the peppers in greenhouse 1 and those in tunnel 7 that needed to go. The kids didn’t seem to mind the rain and mud. If I remember correctly, any day out of the classroom is a good day! Lucky us, they will be coming on Wednesdays for a few weeks. This Wednesday we hope to have them harvest carrots, then prep and pack them for the gleaners to distribute. It will be good to have them experience the Merrymeeting Gleaners harvesting around them and talking a bit about gleaning and distribution of our organic produce.

Dahlia Bulb Project

The dahlia bulbs are all dug and are in the garage to dry before getting put away for winter storage. Missy and Robin were determined to accomplish what I thought would be a two-day project in one day. We have so many now that we are contemplating a dahlia sale/swap next year as a fundraiser!

Daffodil Tribute Project

Another bulb project is our daffodil planting on November 2nd in honor of the 100 year anniversary of women’s right to vote. Maine actually was ahead of the curve and it is our 101 year anniversary. It’s a national commemoration and we have about 350 bulbs to plant. If you are interested in participating, please email Patty.
Colorblends is the company we bought our bulbs from and they have a great instructional video on the “new” method of planting bulbs. Check it out if you have a lot to plant and say goodbye to that individual bulb planter!

Our youngest volunteers

Sage, who was our four-year-old worm counter this summer, would be excited to see the worm world we are uncovering as we do fall clean up. One of this week’s photos shows an award winner!  Sage loses her title as our youngest volunteer. Five-month-old Pheobe came with her mom Emily, as new volunteers this week. Phoebe was wide-eyed as she took in all the activity going on around her.

Successful Harvest Party

About 50 people attended our Harvest Party this past Friday! This was our third annual end-of-season, thank-you gathering. Robin reminded us that our first year we could fit around the dining room table and share a harvest soup. My, how we have grown!

Coming close to 15,000 pounds of donations!

Edging close to 15,000 pounds for the year. We will do it? The number is not the most important thing to all of us involved in Growing to Give. Our sense of community that continues to build, and the work we do is what matters.
Thank you, volunteers! Theda