We are starting to add up the poundage as we harvest some of our heavier and more prolific summer crops. Our late planting of zucchini is peaking in production. Our crew and volunteers picked almost 400 pounds of tomatoes this week. Our total was over 1,000 pounds and I think that will continue for a while with the addition of our extremely large spaghetti squash starting to mature and be harvested. It is exciting for everyone at the farm to see the results of our efforts.
We have added several other veggies to the mix this week. Kitty is showing off a bouquet of beets. Luckily we have had lots of help to harvest all these lovely multicolored beans. Volunteers like picking the yellow and purple beans since they are so much easier to find. I can’t give up growing the green ones though, they are so tasty.
Kitty had a beet bouquet, but I would like to share a reminder that our Pick a Bouquet flower garden is extraordinary right now. The sunflowers are everywhere! Come over to the farm, pick a bouquet, and brighten someone’s day.
We had the good fortune to have two little sisters as gleaners this week. They came with their mom and did a great job harvesting and cleaning onions. After showing them what to do they went right to work and were having fun getting dirty, pulling the harvest wagon and getting all wet at the wash station. They said they would be back. I hope so, having little ones around makes us all smile.
We uncovered our late crop of cucumbers and got them strung up. Some of the Saturday crew finished the job and asked me to turn on our new overhead irrigation while they were in there!  It was so hot and humid. I am loving this new overhead irrigation. A big thank you to John and his fix-it team who installed and tweaked it. It is working perfectly.
I can’t believe Carrie and I are already starting to plant cover crops for organic matter, soil health, and protection from Winter erosion. Here is what I am calling our forest of dill. Clover was planted early along the sides of the beds. Dill was a companion to the cabbage, lettuce and onions that have already been harvested and donated. And then, as a final planting, peas and vetch. I love the polyculture plantings we have going.
Thanks to all who came to volunteer this week. The heat and extreme humidity made it tough to work outside under the sun. We are feeling the loss of our Bowdoin crew as the workload continues and the heavy harvesting is just starting. If you feel like you can spare a couple of hours with us we would appreciate it. There is lots of laughter and good conversations going on as we tackle the chore board.
Finally, I have to revisit the success of last week’s Farm Yard Jam. It really was a lot of fun and we had such great support from the community.
Thanks everyone, for your continued support.  Glad the hurricane is not coming our way!