If you’re reading this, it means you’ve found our new website and are poking around a bit – thanks for stopping by! If you haven’t seen our inaugural newsletter, you can find that here.

We hope you find the newsletter and website informative and interesting. We’re excited about this new venture and the multiple levels of “doing good” it promises to bring to the world, and we’re so grateful for the support the project has received thus far, particularly in the time, energy, and spirit that has already been given to the project by its founding board. (Please check out the board section of the website here if you haven’t already done so – such a great group of people).

Of course, in addition to getting the website launched, the past few weeks have been very focused on starting the growing season. In addition to the normal composting, amending, mulching, seeding, and seedling work, we’re putting in a new irrigation system, and we’re trying to tidy up the place a bit. The flapping green “shed” (and the mini-junkyard under it) will soon be cleaned up and moved into the woods, and although the cold and rainy weather is making it difficult to get groundcover growing where we’ve done some earthworks, the farm is looking pretty good.

The other highly anticipated change at the farm has a much bigger fun factor. Patty and I have decided to add four small goats to our animal menagerie at the farm. Goat videos, if you haven’t seen any, are even better than cat videos, so we plan to post some goat videos on the Growing to Give website. The goats won’t really be part of the Growing to Give project, but we think they’ll be an added bonus to anyone who volunteers or comes to visit Growing to Give at the farm.

Finally, although we don’t have all the details worked out yet, we hope you’ll save the date of June 24, 2017 (in the afternoon) for Growing to Give’s Opening Event at Scatter Good Farm. Check back here for more information soon!