There were several baseball size zucchini bats and lots of softball size globe top turnips to contend with on the Wednesday glean. These just happen to be located in what we call Left Field…are you getting the joke? Deirdra and Olivia let me set them up to make the point. Batter up!

The zucchini bats are also especially good for zucchini bread. Carol graciously brought us a loaf to share. BJ is going to attempt to tackle this 5 pounder. I’m not sure what Laurie is going to say when she brings that one in the door!

The summer crops are slowing down, but still producing, while we have the next wave of cool weather vegetables getting close to maturing. Here are some examples of what we will have in a few weeks–Napa Cabbages, Hakurei turnips, bunching onions, and spinach in our Wendy tunnel. 🙂

This mix brought us another 1,048.55 pounds that was donated!

Wednesday was super windy with bright sunshine, so it was a good day to dry out all those damp row covers. Genevieve was determined to try to create some kind of order with our “farm” laundry.

Friday we had Luke, Dana, and Ian flip an entire plot of tired zucchini. While the rest of the team gleaned, they weeded, raked, and planted another cover crop. Thanks to the team, plot 11 will now be protected from rain and wind erosion. One more completed, 25 to go!

We still have lots of flowers to pick for bouquets. Here is Diane bringing in a bucket of bright colors and textures. These are headed to her church for an altar arrangement. We still have lots available from the pick-your-own garden, but with low temperatures looming, it will probably only be for a couple of more weeks. 🙁

We have been cleaning and sorting the garlic for sale. The variety is Music, our personal favorite. We are selling it by the head. The larger heads are $2.00 each, for planting, and smaller heads $1.50 each, for culinary use, although both sizes can be used interchangeably.

If anyone is interested in this year’s G2G t-shirt, here is a sample of the women’s. We have gray and natural in many sizes. See Carrie or Theda if interested.

Saturday was a big day. It was our yearly pumpkin harvest. Carrie and Patty ran the event with Mary’s help. ………………..503.9 pounds of pumpkins. This brought our weekly total to 1,552.45. WOW. Carrie reports that the 45+ children who came to partake in the harvest activity were so joyful and enthusiastic to be on the farm and  took great pride in helping record the weight of each pumpkin. Some kids could barely lift theirs! Can you find who picked the biggest one?

Meanwhile, Genevieve directed a very productive group of Saturday volunteers who took down a plot of tomatoes, dug out stubborn grass near our tunnel doors, weeded carrots, and cardboarded and re-mulched an entire area of wide paths.

I want to end this week’s report with another example of how great our volunteers are. Scott and Monique finished planting lettuce seedlings and asked me for a 15 minute job. No matter how tedious or boring a task may be, like tying up broken sandbags, it is met with enthusiasm, a joke, or a smile. Thanks to you both for your positive attitude and dry sense of humor.

—   Theda