Today, Carrie and I had six volunteers come to the farm to help us get started on the cleanup, salvage and organization of our mangled tunnels. Our farm neighbor Craig rode over on his bike to help. When Craig left he was excited to be able to add a new word to his vocabulary, wiggle wire.

If you would like to learn some fun facts about wiggle wire and be able to use them in some holiday word game come on over to the farm on Thursday from 9-12 or Friday 10-2. We will be there to continue what we started today.

We did accomplish a lot. The deer fence is patched back together and standing, most missing parts found. One and one half tunnels completely dewiggled, another half was out of sight so we will have to finish that project. Organized piles of metal stacked, parts organized and put away.

The forecast for Friday looks like the warmest temperature of the week so Carrie and I hope we can patch the various holes in the plastic that were ripped and I am hoping the sandbags will be thawed enough so we can move them back into position.

Tom and Burnham from our Fix-it-Team will be there on Thursday morning trying to work on some of the more troublesome issues. So if anyone is available to come lend a hand we will be grateful and will share all of our wiggle wire knowledge!

Thanks Daniel, Mary, John, John Carol and B.J. for coming today. That was a long drive for a couple of you, we are grateful.

Thanks everyone!